The system is one whole.

professional cashier

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+ stationary and portable with a payment terminal
+ fast creation and printing of an ekasa account
+ complete work history, online account tracking
+ high stability, fast installation
+ instructions and work procedures Functions
+ creation of goods items
+ list and modification of product categories (groups)
+ management of fiscal printers, eKasa, EET
+ management of order printers
+ control of remote modules
+ code readers, cash drawers, RFID readers, keyboards, scales
+ deadlines, deposits, withdrawals, copies, cancellations ...
+ payment terminals
+ work modes: orders, chef, driver, cash register
+ status of order items (logistics): new, in production, manufactured, delivered, finished
+ daily numbering of orders
+ end user management, quick addition from order
+ various types of payments: cash, meal tickets, card payment, other ...
+ payment expense calculator
+ billing, account transfer
+ shared notes (note management) for both items and orders
+ change of account name, records by device
+ users and rights by work device
+ cash register login via EAN, PIN, QR code,
+ automatic logout when idle, various settings
+ performance settings for fast printing, gradual synchronization, data erasing
+ settings of sound notifications for various changes in the status of order items
+ interactive work with tables, rooms and accounts
+ 1:1 device activation and synchronization within 10 seconds.
+ automatic backups
+ quick recovery with activation key
+ support for various fiscals
+ order filter by status, price, time, printout, user
+ responsiveness to different screens
+ performance and stability at operations
+ online / offline operation


+ online, secure and accessible from everywhere
+ sales visible within 10 seconds
+ unlimited number of users, warehouses, stock cards
+ recipes
+ invoices, delivery notes Functions
+ creation of goods items
+ list and modification of product categories (groups)
+ recipes, production standards
+ EANs (various), barcodes, QRcody,
+ packaging
+ attributes: expiration, batch, sizes (S, M, XL ..), and various (colors ...)
+ all units of measure and various
+ various definable segmentation, categorization, groups, filters
+ sales price lists
+ warehouse position system (professional logistics)
  + tree structure
  + generation of QR position codes
  + complete tracking of goods
+ FIFO, LIFO, weighted average
+ receipt, expense, transfer, transfer, pending, pending documents, EDI, various electronic ...
+ production documents, meat cutting, negative receipt, commission warehouse ...
+ inventories, regular, ongoing, daily, various ...
+ change history
+ detailed tracking of goods movements
+ unlimited number of connected establishments
+ unlimited number of users
+ rights and user rights and user management
+ instant revenue overview
+ immediate overview of orders, already when creating, for example, at the checkout
+ sales reports by:
  + name
  + quantity sold
  + current stock status
  + selling price / e.g.
  + last average purchase price
  + sales
  + approximate purchase price
  + margin
  + surcharge
  + gross income
  + income income / price
  + exp. tax / price
  + average purchase price
  + turnover ratio
  + turnaround time
  + turnover time per year
  + average stock
+ quick reports - Dashboard -> home screen
  + sales per day, week
  + gross income
  + best selling goods
  + 3 month sale
  + unfinished documents
+ orders for delivery of goods
+ orders for the supply of goods
+ delivery notes, invoices, electronic documents
+ supply plans, warehousing, warehouseman's work plan
+ different currencies, time zones, languages ​​...
+ management of tax levels
+ user management
+ partner management: supplier, customer, my company
+ units of measure
+ device management, activation keys, configuration
+ automatic backups

online orders, e-shop

+ contains all necessary requisites
+ SMS gateway for customer verification
+ order immediately at the checkout
+ off / on according to opening hours
+ various banners Functions
+ variable skins (website template)
+ management of business and complaint conditions, various READY documents
+ text and banner management
+ automatic connection of everyone to the SMS gateway
+ connection options to the payment gateway
+ management of delivery sites and places
+ setting the minimum order amount
+ determination of the amount of delivery for sites
+ Quickly turn sales on and off
+ management of opening hours, which govern the order
+ drag and drop cart, notes on products and orders
+ immediate connection to the cash register and ERP warehousing system
+ responsiveness for various screens, mobile phones, tablets
+ possibility of own internet domain
+ various ...

position warehouse, receipt

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+ receipt and issue of items via mobile phone and scanner
+ order on the board by storing them in positions
+ registration of storage facilities and work with them
+ work according to plans and orders Functions
+ management of stock goods cards
+ position management
+ document creation -> receipt, expenditure, transfer
+ equipment management: printers, label printers, transport carts
+ printing of various labels: positions, marking of goods, marking of devices and users
+ control of various scanners and readers (depending on the device)
+ administration and fulfillment of storage work plans
+ offline navigation of the warehouseman through the position warehouse
+ users and rights
+ login via barcodes, QR codes or PIN
+ user work history
+ complete tracking of goods
+ online / offline operation
+ fast device recovery
+ automatic backup

They chose order:

What do you do in business?


+ mobile waiter with payment terminal
+ chef with tablet
+ clear and fast cash register
+ orders from the table
own device table orders
App for waiters
management and cashier
payment terminals


+ delivery with payment terminal
+ tablet-controlled production
+ overview of the production process
+ online orders
online customer orders
order processing, production
portable cash register
warehouse management


+ order with position system
+ receipt, transfer and issue of goods via mobile phone, scanner
+ work according to plans and orders
+ exact work history
online customer orders
order management phones
cash register and payment terminals


+ very fast ekasa
+ interactive monitor for the customer
+ professional warehouse and economy
+ the customer creates an account himself via mobile phone
online customer orders
order processing, cash register
warehouse management
warehousing app

Devices supported by the system. E-Kasa and EET: