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professional cashier

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+ stationary or portable with a payment terminal
+ fast to create and print eKasa/EET bills
+ user operation audit trail, monitor the bill creation online
+ high stability, fast installation
+ manuals and work procedure recommendations Functions
+ create your product items
+ list and modify your product categories (groups)
+ fiscal printer management, eKasa, EET
+ "kitchen" printer management
+ remote module control
+ code readers, cash drawers, RFID readers, keyboards, scales
+ sales reports, deposits, withdrawals, copies, cancellations ...
+ payment terminals
+ work modes: orders, chef, driver, cash register
+ order items (logistics) statuses: new, in production, manufactured, delivered, finished
+ daily numbers for orders
+ customer management, assign them directly to their order
+ various types of payments: cash, vouchers, credit card, other ...
+ small change calculator
+ bill spliting and merging
+ shared order and order item notes (note management)
+ assign order names, search and list orders by device they were created on
+ user and role based rights management
+ EAN, PIN, QR code user logins
+ automatic logout when inactive, multiple setting options
+ performance tweaks based on your printing needs, data synchronization, data deletion
+ order item status change sound notifications
+ manage your rooms, tables and order accounts
+ 1:1 device data syncing
+ automatic backups
+ fast activation key based device data recovery
+ various fiscal printer support
+ filter your orders by status, price, time, printing state, creator
+ works on different screen sizes
+ performance and stability for your place of business
+ online/offline operation


+ online, secure and accessible from everywhere
+ sales from cash registers visible within 10 seconds
+ unlimited number of users, warehouses, stock items
+ recipes
+ invoices, delivery notes Functions
+ create your stock items
+ list and modify your product categories (groups)
+ recipes, production standards
+ EANs (various), barcodes, QR codes
+ packaging size management
+ attributes: expiration, batch, sizes (S, M, XL, ...), and others (colors, ...)
+ different units of measure
+ define your own stock item segments, categories, groups, filters
+ price lists
+ FIFO, LIFO, weighted average
+ goods reception, dispatch, transfer and pending documents
+ production documents, disassembly plans, negative reception document, consignment warehouses ...
+ innventory checks
+ change history
+ unlimited number of connected establishments
+ unlimited number of users
+ user and user group rights management
+ immediate sales overview
+ immediate order overviews, right as they are being created
+ sales reports by:
  + name
  + quantity sold
  + current stock status
  + sell price/unit
  + last average purchase price
  + final sale price
  + approximate purchase price
  + margin
  + surcharge
  + gross income
  + units received/price
  + units dispatched/price
  + average purchase price
  + turnover ratio
  + turnaround time
  + turnover time per year
  + average stock
+ quick reports - Dashboard -> home screen
  + sales per day, week
  + gross income
  + best selling goods
  + 3 month sale
  + unfinished documents
+ dispatch orders
+ reception orders
+ delivery notes, invoices, electronic documents
+ warehousing
+ different currencies, time zones, languages ​​...
+ tax rate management
+ user management
+ partner management: suppliers, customers, my own company
+ measure units
+ device management, activation keys, configurations
+ automatic backups

online orders, e-shop

+ got all you need
+ SMS gateway for customer verification
+ order immediately visible in cash register
+ available during your defined openning hours
+ with your own banner Functions
+ variable skins (website template)
+ management of business and warranty conditions, various premade documents
+ text and banner management
+ SMS gateway
+ can be connected to your own payment gateway
+ management of delivery sites and places
+ setting the minimum order price
+ different delivery price for different sites
+ on demand site or specific product on/off
+ manage your opening hours for online orders
+ drag and drop cart, customer notes for order and its items
+ realtime order syncing to cash register and ERP warehousing system
+ responsiveness to diffrent desktop, mobile or tablet screen sizes
+ accessible via ours or your own domain
+ others ...

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+ mobile waiter with payment terminal
+ chef with tablet
+ neat and fast cash register
+ customer table orders
customer table orders
app for waiters
managers, kitchen and cashier
payment terminals


+ payment terminal for the delivery guy
+ production managed via tablet
+ production process tracking
+ online orders
customer online orders
order management, production
portable cash register
warehouse management


+ very fast eKasa
+ customer oriented display
+ professional warehouse management
+ self-service shopping via smart phone
customer online orders
order processing, cash register
warehouse management
warehousing app

Devices supported by Resinos. E-Kasa and EET: