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online customer orders

generated automatically via Resinos

easily accesible e-shop
and ordering system for everyone
ready within 10 minutes.
Connected to Resinos cash registers and warehouses.

What do I get?

Customer can place an order from home.

Friends order another round directly from table.

Peoople order while queueing for cash register.

They use their smartphone to buy in your shop.

Saves time of your employees, saves you money.

download the application here:
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simply download to your mobile, tablet or terminal.
It bills, orders, shares and evaluets.
Manages warehouses and devices via ERP cloud.

Your business is:

Resinos brings:

home delivery own device table orders App for waiters
own device table orders
App for waiters
management and cashier
payment terminals
We bring online to physical, home and mobile stores.
For the customer, whether he orders from the table or from home.
For the waiter, don't run to the kitchen with every order.
For the storekeeper, don't have to deal with papers where to whom.
Even for the owner, let him have an immediate overview of what is happening.

Resinos brings:

online orders tablet cook app for delivery person
online customer orders
order processing, production
portable cash register
warehouse management
Occasionally / Sometimes do stocks disappear? Resinos ERP will take care of everything.
Do you have recipes or complicated production procedures?
Throw them in once and during production or sales, it immediately updates the status.

Resinos brings:

online booking order management cash register
online customer orders
order management phones
cash register and payment terminals
Have you always wanted to have an ordering system, but was it complicated? You can have it in 10 minutes.
Switch the product in ERP to be available in eShop and they can already order it online from you.

Resinos brings:

online orders fast cash register warehouse management
online customer orders
order processing, cash register
warehouse management
warehousing app
It doesn't matter if you are a delivery service, a production hall, a restaurant, a stone shop, or a hairdresser, wellness or car service.
Thanks to Resinos, you can give your customers online ordering, your staff an overview of what people have ordered as well as stock. You will be satisfied that you know everything in a few clicks.

Devices supported by the system. E-Kasa and EET: